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MASTERCOM E-Mail/EDI products provide EDI AL3/XML Upload/Download e-mail solutions for insurance companies and broker management systems. MASTERCOM also provides customized EDI e-mail solutions for such P&C industry such binary encrypted files.


Insurance Company E-Mail/EDI Solutions


MASTERCOM’s BrokerEDI Gateway product connects an IBM Compatible PC, running Microsoft Windows 7/8.1 Professional and Microsoft 2008 Server on the front-end to CSIOnet and the Internet using SMTP and POP3 protocols, and on the back-end, using SMTP protocol to a Lotus Notes/Novell GroupWise SMTP/MIME MTA or Microsoft Exchange Server’s Internet Mail Service to deliver Gateway system error/alert messages to a System Administrator and exchange CSIO E-Mail between brokers and insurance company underwriters. Policy upload/download files are typically transferred to/from a host system such as IBM Mainframe using FTP protocol.


MASTERCOM’s BrokerEDI Gateway can handle three types of files; CSIO’s EDI AL3 and XML standard formatted files over the Canadian P&C’s CSIOnet private internet network as well as a binary/encrypted files over the generic Internet.


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Broker Management Systems E-Mail/EDI Solutions


MASTERCOM provides the BrokerEDI/PC E-Mail/EDI Engine for Zycomp Systems Limited Power Broker Systems.
Please contact Zycomp for prices and product.